TAPEnSER is a special tape dispenser that aligns 2 or 3 tape rolls producing partially overlapped reverse-conjoined tape strips. This allows for attaching plastic sheeting or paper to cover or seal off areas... preventing overspray, mist, drip, dust, etc. TAPEnSER is designed to be useful for painters, remodelers, hardwood floor installers, and auto body shop painters... It is known as a painter's tape masker or a hand masking dispenser. It's also for use at home, office, school... for posting notes, bulletins, photos, drawings, etc.

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TAPEnSER is the TAPE ANSWER you need!

TAPEnSER – Invented so you can do prep work much faster!  The best tape dispenser for painters, remodeling contractors, hardwood flooring contractors, automobile painters/detailers, and others. It dispenses single and dual OR triple partially overlapped reverse-conjoined tape strips so you can apply plastic sheeting or paper to cover or seal off anything or areas: Rooms, open door frames, entrances, floors, ceilings, walls, windows, window coverings, paintings & decors on walls, furniture, countertops, etc.  It also can be used for offices, schools, and homes for posting notes, bulletins, photos, drawings, etc…


  • Dispensing 2 reverse-conjoined tape strips, and single tape strips, or
  • Dispensing 3 reverse-conjoined tape strips,
  • Using 1″ tapes, 1-1/2″ tapes OR mix 1 of each,
  • Using 1/2″ tapes or 3/4″ tape in width is possible when dispensing 2 reverse-conjoined tape strips,
  • Dispensing –fast or slow– long or short pieces of tape strips, such as 1″, is easy and smooth,
  • Consistent 1/4″ overlapped portion of tape strips,
  • Comfortable & controllable handle with thumb rest,
  • Having a swingable hook for hanging on the user’s belt, ladder, etc…
  • Including both long and short pre-installed cutting blades.  Ready for use!

TAPEnSER is a well-designed and precision-engineered product. Made from lightweight and durable ABS plastic material which is known for its toughness and resistance to impact.  Made in Taiwan.

TAPEnSER is very easy to use.  See Pictorial Instructions.  Just load the tape rolls according to the Tape Path directions imprinted on the TAPEnSER. 

When anything or areas are covered up or properly sealed off, you will be confident to get the job done effectively and proficiently!

Save a lot of your time!

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